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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boating and Sailing in Paradise Cay

This summer there were many days where we looked out our window and saw gorgeous boats on the bay. Here are just a few photos from the summer.

Arneson Boat roars past Paradise Cay

My husband and I were hanging out on our deck enjoying the warm weather and heard a loud roar. We looked up and saw the Arneson boat zoom by with in seconds! It was spectacular.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

4th of July Parade in Paradise Cay

There was a large 4th of July Parade in Paradise Cay.

Junior Sailing in Paradise Cay

This is a photo of two of our youngest Junior Sailors who participated in the Tiburon Yacht Club's Junior sailing program in Paradise Cay this past weekend. Our daughter Chandler is only 7 and her friend Jake Lopez is 8. The children had a great time and the weather couldn't have been nicer! Jake's father Pat Lopez runs the program, and you can contact him directly at 415-435-3650 or cell 272-6222 with any questions, or visit

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Epic Day in Paradise Cay

Had my doors open all night and woke up early at about 6am.  My wife and young son and I all jumped in the boat and went to breakfast at New Morning Cafe in downtown Tiburon. Great weather we were home by 8am. We saw a pelican, a deer, and a stingray. Weather tonight was even nicer. Sat outside on the bay and watched boats go in and out. Saw a huge Sturgeon jump. I think it was a Sturgeon, it had a white belly and was about 4ft long and skinny. It came straight up out of the water, then slapped down just like people say they do.