Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boating and Sailing in Paradise Cay

This summer there were many days where we looked out our window and saw gorgeous boats on the bay. Here are just a few photos from the summer.

Arneson Boat roars past Paradise Cay

My husband and I were hanging out on our deck enjoying the warm weather and heard a loud roar. We looked up and saw the Arneson boat zoom by with in seconds! It was spectacular.

Mararita walk in Paradise Cay- "Critical Mass"

We had a great turn out this year for the Margarita walk. All of the children rode their bikes and skateboards around the neighborhood while the parents pulled a wagon with a cooler of margaritas and apple juice. It was so much fun!

Wake Boarding in NOVEMBER in Paradise Cay!

Believe it or not, Paradise Cay has amazing weather in November. Our best weather months are late July through early December where we enjoy a typical "Indian Summer." Some of the residents went wake boarding right off their decks in November, and their children were able to enjoy the water as well on a giant raft ride.